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Strike Team: Code Name: Diamond Force

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Story by: Michael Tanner Art by: Lukasz Kowalszuk

FEATURED ON CARTOONIST KAYFABE!* Strike Team: Code Name: Diamond Force is a one-shot comic book homage to action exploitation films from the end of the grindhouse era. It is full of brutal martial arts action, explosions and an awesome robot who gets faxes from the president.

This book is only available at conventions, select retailers and here online.

US orders only - *FREE SHIPPING*

International orders please contact us here.

*If you did come here via CK and maybe noticed I've raised the price--this is because I missed that even MEDIA MAIL shipping has gone up and selling at the old price was literally costing me money. So I've raised the price to 6$ in order to pay the almost 3$ shipping, so... I'm just losing LESS money, but I want more people to see this great book!

All copies signed by Creator Michael Tanner.

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