First blog post on the website...this is hard.

When I first moved to Los Angeles 12 years ago, I started a blog in order to keep my old friends up to date on my goings on in this strange new city. It seemed like the most logical thing to do since there was no Facebook or Twitter and myspace was pretty new at the time. That blog is still out there somewhere but I haven't looked at it in years.

Then I maintained my diner review blog for several years, but as my wife said "Ham and eggs, ham and eggs. It's just ham and eggs." There was only so much I could do. (

Now this blog here, this is a real blog for my real adult life as a writer, that's much harder to maintain and make it worthwhile. I promise to try to make it interesting and not just an odd outgrowth of my Facebook posting (that's a mess of politics and Games of Thrones humor and plugs for Junior Braves appearances).

I'll try to post something new once a week--be it a reposting from a favorite diner review, short essays on writing, important life updates and, let's face it, there's going to be a lot of plugs for Junior Braves.

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