A Tale of Two Cons

Emerald City Comic Con highlights-

Hanging out with old friends and new friends.

Having a very productive meeting about a new ....thing.

Getting a great introduction and recommendation to a company I'd very much like to work with.

Moderating a panel, appearing on another panel and FINALLY winning on the Unnecessary Debates panel.

Emerald City Comic Con lowlights-

Low lights.... literally... our odd little side room was very dark.

Sales were not great.

Got the flu on Sunday....it started really creeping in on the train to the airport...by Monday I went to Urgent Care and was down most of the week.

Wondercon highlights -

Hanging out with friends... neither old nor new.... just friends, y'know.

Moderating an amazing panel- "Re-Inventing Monsters."

(Panelists were approached all weekend with people saying how much they enjoyed the panel)

Did not get sick afterward.

Wondrcon lowlights-

Sales were not great....two not great shows in a row...bummer.

Didn't get enough time to check out the show floor.

photo credit - Tommy Trinh

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