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Gearing up for a new Kickstarter...

Kickstarter is nerve wracking. Kickstarter is depression inducing. Kickstarter is sometimes our best option.

With pencils by Don Nguyen and inks and letters by Dave Wheeler, we've teamed up with Overcast comics, the fine folks behind the Starlite series, to bring the new series "Battle Grapple: Rebel" to life. I'm absolutely gifted to have these talented folks behind me on this project.

The idea behind this series came out of a casual conversion with my friend Jake, who had briefly trained as a pro-wrestler and is a big Star Wars fan.

"What would pro-wrestling really be like in a future sci-fi setting."

Whenever see anything resembling pro-wrestling in a non-traditional setting, it's always real...a "shoot" as really only the "marks" say. It's gladiators battling on an alien world TO THE DEATH! Or it's over the top fantastic characters with super powers playing in the tropes of wrestling. There are great stories by wonderful creators telling those stories.

Battle Grapple: Rebel is different.

We're examining the play between popular culture and politics in a sci-fi universe though the lens of pro-wrestling. Battle Grapple is the most popular "show" in the galaxy. The audience understands the matches are pre-determined but that doesn't mean the performers aren't fantastic athletes. Battle Grapplers are beloved characters traveling from world to world in their spaceship arena.

Our main character, Spin Kilter, has trained to be a grappler. and it's all he wants in the world. As he begins his career, he finds himself struggling to find his place and must suddenly deal with the realities of galactic politics as a civil war is brewing.

Look for me to be talking about it incessantly once we launch in early april.

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