Rose City Comic Con 2021...awkward but good!

RCCC is one of my favorite shows, right after Emerald City. I must admit I was pretty nervous going back to a convention given all.... ::gestures broadly:: this. But, it turned out to be a lot of fun but a little awkward at times. Setting up your table while double masking is a recipe for sweat and uncomfortableness. It's no joke man. Hand sanitizer did flow!

I was happy to see how well the convention did with enforcing safety and how great the attendees were.

Made some new fans and connections thanks to having a great new series out now and doing three panels!

I was also overwhelmed when I saw that Orcs in Space was featured on the Friday badges for the con. I HAD NO IDEA!

I hope we all get our shit together and we can go back to life safely and sanely. I'll definitely be back to Rose City anytime they want me.

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